It’s been a long day, I mean, year!!

So my blog was last updated in January of this year and before that in April of last year! I thought I would be updating this thing at least monthly but couldn’t be bothered to update this. Being honest, Netflix kept me more occupied than this blog.

So, after a year or so of whiling away my time on Netflix, Instagram Reels and other such time sinks, I thought of updating my blog, just to restart my writing habit. This would most definitely be my sixth or so post on “Restart” or some such theme.

I recently read a blog post on the most essential skill in the coming years, in the wake of Generative AI and other technical advancements. What struck me in the advice below (quoted verbatim from the post) is the sheer timelessness of the advice. It was relevant 20 years back and would relevant 20 years from now, besides also being relevant now. Learn to build a narrative. It’s going to take you far.

The arc of evolution bends toward good storytellers. Communities with larger proportions of skilled storytellers experience greater levels of cooperation, and … procreation. Their evolutionary fitness is buttressed, as storytelling translates to more efficient transmission of survival-relevant information. Storytellers themselves are more likely to receive acts of service from their peers — and among men, being skilled in storytelling increases attractiveness and perceived status to potential long-term mates. My dad used to tell me that men get turned on with their eyes, women with their ears. It turns out his theory is backed by science.

Scott Galloway –

So, I think, in the vast digital expanse, your story matters. So pick up your pen or your keyboard , embrace your authenticity, and let your words ripple across the ether. For in the end, it’s not the algorithm that remembers you—it’s the hearts you touch.

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