Why does it have to be this way?

I have been giving some things a great lot of thought lately. Like why does it feel that I am living the same day over and over again? Why does it feel that any new thing I start doesn’t get to its natural conclusion?
I then realise that my mind is not in the right place right now. Things need to be dealt with a certain amount of focus and what’s really happening is that I am unable to commit to a task due to the many distractions I have. I am talking about the mobile phone.
What was meant to make our lives easier has now become our master. The mobile phone is for our convenience but now my focus is decided by the caller as it is considered rude to not pick up the phone when it’s ringing. I say, let’s take back the control of our own time in our own hands. Let’s change things.
To make things clear, I don’t speak as a Luddite when I call for this. I need my day to be in my control and not in the control of a device that might have a processor faster than mine.

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