What makes you tick?

At work or at play, there is always a sense of money value of time. Could I be doing something which would have been a better way of spending my time? After all, time is the most costliest of all resources. Time, once gone, never returns.

So I keep on thinking what would be a way of maximizing the return on my time. At work, this would be what makes me tick and differentiates me. I have been in sales for about a decade now and I find that talking to clients about their business makes me tick. I would want to tailor my conversation according to each client, rather than regurgitating the same spiel for every one of them. i would rather spend time talking to them rather than pushing my products down their throat.

The only thing you need to focus on, at work or at any other place, is how are you spending your time? Is it being spent doing something that you like? If the answer is no, change it.

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