Tag: Thoughts

  • November Rain

    One of the more famous Guns N Roses (GnR) songs, November Rain talks about love, pain and all the other emotions that come along with it. Why am I talking about love all of a sudden? Just like that. I have always believed that love as such is a fleeting emotion and has to be […]

  • Sanity in the times of COVID-19

    NO, this post isn’t about COVID-19. The title is inspired by “Love in the Time of Cholera” by  Gabriel García Márquez. Not that this situation feels like a love story, but hey, what’s the harm in trying to find a silver lining amongst all this lockdown negativity?! Yes, India is currently under lockdown. A country […]

  • Choices

    Our life is defined by the choices. As somebody has rightly said and I paraphrase, there are no wrong choices, only experiences. What could be a bad choice in hindsight might be the only option available at that point of time. So, I have completed about 6 months in Bombay. This is my second inning […]