Tag: Economics

  • Cost of Capital

    Before I start off writing about what I intend to, let me issue a caveat. This isn’t about Capitalism and its implications on the society or a technical treatise on the economic/financial theory of Cost of Capital. Having told you this, I continue. Let’s be honest, why is capital coming to India? With our headline […]

  • Great Expectations

    I just finished off the web series “The Boys”. Man, the pace of the first few episodes and the premise had me hooked. Not that the season finale was a let-down, but the shock at the end of it all still rankles me after all this time. Why am I writing about it? I somehow […]

  • Who wants to know?

    I have recently been talking to a lot of businessmen (part of my job being a banker). While most of them are bit reserved about adding new capacities, almost all are unanimous in saying that there is a slowdown in the market. I partly agree with them but then I ask them a question which […]