Self Development

If you had one option, one opportunity to change the orbit you operate in, would you take it or let it go? I know of people who are happy where they are and I know of some very ambitious people, who just moved into a different orbit as they took that one shot.

Why am I talking about self-development and moving into different orbits suddenly? Not that I am changing orbits and moving into another industry or so, it’s just that one needs to realise that the key to all this is self-development. Many people are in the so-called middle of the Normal curve. To be noticed, you have to be an outlier. An outlier on the right side of the curve is what would make you stand out. Be a fat tail for your company. Be the one who is bringing 80% of the revenue while being only 20% of the cost. Stand out.

Continuous self-development is the only way that is going to happen. You have to be ahead of everyone on the curve. The newest skill, the most effort, all of these should be your domain, your signature. Else you would be obsolete in no time.

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