So, we have all heard/read this word a lot these days. A lot. Tech firms pivot into unexpected use cases for their existing products. The Excel warriors keep making pivot tables to justify how their inference is the only correct inference and nobody knows data like they do.

Why am I talking about pivots? Am I launching an app? Am I going into data sciences? No, nothing like that. Pivot would also mean the central point, the fulcrum around which things move. I want to be a pivot.

What would make me a pivot? Here are certain things I have observed about people, who I know are pivots in their lives:

  1. They promise and deliver, each time and every time.
  2. They follow through on everything, long after it’s done.
  3. They are people who can be trusted for finding a solution, not just because of their knowledge.
  4. They have amazing clarity of thought that can distil even the most complex of ideas into a simple statement of purpose.
  5. They are good not only in their fields but also add value to others work by their experience.

Hopefully, I plan to change myself. It’s going to take time but surely I will be the pivot.

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