Persistence, Hard work, Discipline. Of all the things I have read about exceling in Sales, this is the one which has always been in my recall list. This is why I thought of writing about it today.

This year, had been a bit slow for me in the start. Deciding to drop a set of clients on my own, I realized my run rate had fallen down way beyond my expectations and I had severely underestimated the impact. I had to build up a new base and yet this had to be quick enough not to get the tongues rolling on my fallen performance levels.

I realized that I had to change my way of doing things. And I got down to doing just that. The fact of the matter remains that if you actually want to be successful, you have to be all 3 simultaneously. Any 2 out of the above 3 won’t work either.

You have to be persistent. Diligently following up on agreed timelines, persistent doing the basics right and then being persistent in showing up, as showing up makes for half the job at hand.

Sales is hard work. B2B sales is harder in my opinion as in B2C, you can push your product through distribution channels and hope that something sticks. Choosing to go on despite hearing many NOs is hard work. And that’s why one must go on, treating each rejection on its merit and learning something from it.

Discipline, is where I lag the most. On a good day, I will makes some 10 calls, fill in my leads, be thorough with my pending paper work. On bad days, which are often, I give up after 2 calls and then no other work gets done. Discipline is getting to do the same stuff over and over again, to improve your accuracy each time you do it.

My story has started changing, here is hoping things change a bit faster from now on.

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