It happened a couple of days back. My wife, seeing that I had been on back to back client calls(even while having lunch), asked if I could either switch off my phone or put it on flight mode, at least for the duration of the lunch? (She did take away my phone and put it on flight mode)

After lunch, I sat down to think if I am working too much or was my wife over-reacting?! Took me a couple of minutes to get to what I feel was the conclusion of this conundrum. I wasn’t overworked or anything. I just wanted to enjoy this feeling of getting swamped by work.

You see, previous few months had not been actually great work-wise. I wasn’t seeing traction in the marketplace and realised that clients had not been very forthcoming on closing the deals we had been discussing for months now. In sales, you are known only by the last deal you closed and that had been a while ago.

When I closed June, I felt that the tide is finally turning in. The client who had been missing into action for the last couple of months, calls in to discuss a few things. The client who had been non-committal on the business agrees to send me the (old) proposal signed back. So July, in its first week has been hectic. I would love to see the rest of the year this hectic.

Here’s hoping for many more days like these!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain
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