Moving on!

The most often given advice to almost all of the present population of the world. Move on! Easier said than done, isn’t it?

Why am I writing about moving on? No, I am not undergoing any heartbreak, not changing jobs and overall not doing anything that would require some one to say to me to move on. So why am I thinking of moving on?

I am thinking of moving on to a better place mentally. I have noticed that these last few months or last one and a half year to be precise, mentally I have been in a shitty place. The lockdown has reduced options for travel and blowing off steam in general. A mind which has been at work continuously, needs rest. Now that lockdown might still continue in some form or the other for foreseeable future, I have decided to move on.

I have decided not to give any mental real estate to people or things that don’t deserve it. That means only family and friends get in. Nobody and I mean nobody else will get even an inch of space. That’s my half yearly resolution.

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