As Philip II of Macedon was conquering Greek city-states left and right, Sparta was left alone. Philip had achieved a crushing victory, and Sparta was relatively weak and without walls. Philip sent a message to the Spartans saying “If I invade Lakonia you will be destroyed, never to rise again.” The Spartans replied with one word, “If.” Philip eventually decided to bypass Sparta as it was a poor region and not worth the fight. Neither Philip nor Alexander attacked the Spartans while they ruled.

Why am I telling this story? The fact that a strong king didn’t attack a smaller region gives me a new perspective on things every time I get a little bogged down by all that is happening around me. Is this worth it? If I get the idea that the cost of my efforts would far outweigh the benefits I would receive, I am quick to cut my losses and move away.

While others may see that as being a quitter, I would say that I am being a realist and that’s what matters. You can’t win them all and you don’t have to. There are certain fights in life not worth winning. Winning an argument against your wife is a prime example of the kind of fight I am talking about.

Pick your battles well, for if you bleed in a wrong one, you wouldn’t live to see the glory that was waiting for you all along.

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