Ideas or Execution?

I have always been asked this question that if I had been given a choice between being able to create brilliant ideas or being able to execute simple ideas brilliantly, what would I choose?

Ideas, some say, are dime a dozen. I would disagree. Good ideas are rare, they come at a great cost. Average ideas are cheap, almost everyone has them. What sets a good idea apart from an average one? A good idea is simple yet is multifaceted. It would take care of more than 1 problem at the job. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you are an ideas man, my friend.

Execution is what can change an average idea into a great one. This means that with the right execution, even a run of the mill idea can work wonders. What is the hallmark of good execution?

Well, for starters, getting started is the first requirements. More often than not, good ideas require a certain set of variables to be more or less aligned for it to come to fruition. Facebook, before Web 2.0, would have been a disaster, right? A simple idea, when started right way, actually helps build up a critical mass for others to build upon.

Execution also requires persistence. There are times when we don’t get enough initial traction and we give up on a good idea. With execution, one need to be persistent to get the big picture in focus. We all love to see the big picture, isn’t it?

The big picture is always made clearer by great execution. Great ideas, bad ideas , average ideas all can give results if the execution is more than average. Else it’s all a moot point!

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