Consistency is what I would define as showing up day in and day out and getting things done. It doesn’t matter that you are the best at what you do initially. What matters is that you are consistent in doing what is expected from you.

Why am I talking about consistency today? I was recently discussing work issues with a couple of friends. The fact that consistency helps you build a brand at your workplace was a common theme amongst us. Almost unanimous in asserting that showing up and doing the bare minimum would at least get you noticed(as there are many in the workplace, who are known to do even less than the bare minimum)

However, consistency might help you survive the workplace but nothing more than that. In these times, even consistent performers are also getting the axe. Why? It’s simple. People expect consistency from everyone. So what should be the game plan now?

The game plan now should be focussing on moving the value chain. The fact that action alone wouldn’t amount to much. One should focus on value addition in the team. Do what no one else in the team is doing. Do something that isn’t expected from you. Do something out of the ordinary.

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