Our life is defined by the choices. As somebody has rightly said and I paraphrase, there are no wrong choices, only experiences. What could be a bad choice in hindsight might be the only option available at that point of time.

So, I have completed about 6 months in Bombay. This is my second inning in this city. Being in this city has been my choice. Not that it was the only option available to me but the fact that it was Bombay made me feel that the choice I am making is correct. Most of my friends felt that I am giving up the easy life of Ahmedabad and returning to Bombay would be bad for me. Hey, I am happy. I have met some great people here and have reconnected with most of my old friends in the city.

There are other things that I have decided to change after spending this half year in the city. Bombay has always provided enough opportunity and avenues for personal growth; however, my weekends were previously spent in boozing and other activities. So that’s my half year resolution of sorts. Of the 25 odd weekends left, I plan to utilise more than half of them to actually add value to me and my family. I plan to keep updating this blog more on the personal and professional journey and that would be the underlying theme of this blog. For my weird ideas, my Tumblr blog would be the ideal ground.

Here’s to new beginnings.

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