Category: Thoughts

  • Perfect Storm

    Merriam-Webster defines a Perfect Storm as a critical or disastrous situation created by a powerful concurrence of factors. What is happening currently in the world economy is an example. Let me put it in the Indian context. We have recently seen the INR depreciating, the stock market tanking for a while and overall economic numbers […]

  • Self Development

    If you had one option, one opportunity to change the orbit you operate in, would you take it or let it go? I know of people who are happy where they are and I know of some very ambitious people, who just moved into a different orbit as they took that one shot. Why am […]

  • Why does it have to be this way?

    I have been giving some things a great lot of thought lately. Like why does it feel that I am living the same day over and over again? Why does it feel that any new thing I start doesn’t get to its natural conclusion?I then realise that my mind is not in the right place […]

  • November Rain

    One of the more famous Guns N Roses (GnR) songs, November Rain talks about love, pain and all the other emotions that come along with it. Why am I talking about love all of a sudden? Just like that. I have always believed that love as such is a fleeting emotion and has to be […]

  • Ideas or Execution?

    I have always been asked this question that if I had been given a choice between being able to create brilliant ideas or being able to execute simple ideas brilliantly, what would I choose? Ideas, some say, are dime a dozen. I would disagree. Good ideas are rare, they come at a great cost. Average […]

  • StartUP!

    This word has been used and abused many a time in the recent past. While the ideas of startup culture and startup ethos might seem like a cliche, one can actually learn a lot if one gives a bit of thought to it. Startups are supposed to be a) scrappy – With a “what do […]

  • Burnout

    I have been reading a lot about stories in the past few months about some professional athletes quitting marquee events in order to focus on mental health. What seemed to be unthinkable of a couple of years back, is now normal. There are some detractors no doubt, but hey, at least it’s a start. Work […]

  • Moving on!

    The most often given advice to almost all of the present population of the world. Move on! Easier said than done, isn’t it? Why am I writing about moving on? No, I am not undergoing any heartbreak, not changing jobs and overall not doing anything that would require some one to say to me to […]

  • PHD

    Persistence, Hard work, Discipline. Of all the things I have read about exceling in Sales, this is the one which has always been in my recall list. This is why I thought of writing about it today. This year, had been a bit slow for me in the start. Deciding to drop a set of […]

  • Self Help

    Last month I wrote on Ikigai. This month I am writing on Self Help. What is happening to me? Well, nothing. Fear not, for no alien has abducted me and replaced me with a self-help books loving clone. I have always found the concept of self help books a bit abhorrent. If you know what’s […]