I have been reading a lot about stories in the past few months about some professional athletes quitting marquee events in order to focus on mental health. What seemed to be unthinkable of a couple of years back, is now normal. There are some detractors no doubt, but hey, at least it’s a start.

Work is tough. It’s not easy showing up each day and be a 100% productive each and every time. Humans are not machines. We require downtime to be actually perform well the next day.

With the pandemic induced Work From Home(WFH) and some other organisations using this as a chance to downsize, some of my friends have been very stressed and have been working non stop in order to show their utility to their organisations. This would lead to burnout.

Burnout doesn’t make you look any different. It would just bring down you energy levels, your efficiency in any task and you would go into a downward spiral of despair.

Don’t ignore this! Be Aware!


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