2022 – Year of the Tiger

The year of the Tiger, that is what 2022 is, according to the Chinese calendar. Not that I am a follower, but hey, I am hopeful this year would be better than the previous 2.

What gives me hope? Well, there are a few things. On a personal front, a few things which I had kept on the back burner for a while, are finally coming to the fore. Don’t want to jinx it, but if I am able to do even a bit of what I have in mind, I would be a happy guy!

On other fronts, there is positive news all around me. Things are finally looking good on the business front as well. Let’s hope things remain that way. We need to be careful of any waves coming in, but I am sure, the past is all behind us now.

Looking forward to riding the tiger this year!

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